About Me

Hi! I’m emmy

Hello! I am Emmy Myszka Chow. I’m a FertilityCare
Practitioner and an environmental and public health specialist.

If there’s one topic I could talk about for hours, it’s fertility and all things related – health, cervical mucus, self-care, exercise, balance, well-being, sexuality, relationships and beauty. I believe fertility is a beautiful force of nature and understanding my fertility empowers me as a woman to embrace the perfect balance of my creation and to have greater compassion for all other women in a collective womanhood.

Understanding my fertility has helped me understand my energy, why I’m feeling testy or sensitive, when I’m stressed and life needs to shift. It is a window into my soul, keeping me grounded on what matters most, focused on the goals that will form me into my authentic self and expressing the uniqueness of my soul.

Other things I love: Jesus, salsa dancing, Mexico, quality time with family and friends, camping and bonfires, meditation, Eucharistic adoration.

I have used the Creighton Model FertilityCare System to avoid pregnancy, to achieve pregnancy, to understand my body post-miscarriage, to monitor my health, to understand when I break down crying for no apparent reason that I’m likely getting my period tomorrow… to appreciate my fertility and to embrace the natural cycle that ebbs and flows like the moon. I have a teenaged son and an angel in heaven. I am learning that my health can’t be controlled but, if I embrace it, I will learn to love this beautiful creation that is my body.

I hope to share that beauty and knowledge with you, too!